Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions? We’ve got answers

What can I expect from my first aerial class?

Get ready home skillet ’cause you’re about to have the time of your life 😀 

Introductory lessons start with a 15 minute light warm up with some stretching and then we move onto what we call the knot sequence. For beginners we start a few inches off the ground and I promise that you are safe as kittens while we strike fabulous poses to make all your friends at home jelly. If you have hands and feet you can do this!

What should I wear to aerial class?


  • Fitted shirt and capri or full length leggings are best.
  • Bare feet!


  • No jewelery
  • Watches
  • Zippers
  • Any metal on clothing
  • Sharp nails

These can catch on the fabric and cause injuries to yourself and damage the equipment

Do I have to be a certain age or super fit to take aerial class?

I see hear this question quite a bit and it pleases the court to give a resounding NO to this. Come as you are in your utter fabulouslness. No dance or atheletic experience of any kind is required to start aerials! I started at 34 years old as a recovering band nerd and have met fellow aerialists who were into their 60s. Our classes are designed with exactly that kind of student in mind so don’t let a small thing like a number get in the way of your future glittery awesomeness. Do the thing, you won’t regret it!

Try as you might to coax them into the air. | Breastfeeding, Batman  slapping robin, Extended breastfeeding

Do you offer kids classes?

While we welcome flyers of all ages we do not have kid or teen specific classes, but our friends at the Aerium do! They have classes for kids 5-10 and others specifically for teens. Give them a holler!

Do I have to be a Cirque Aria student to participate in open training?

No! We welcome all aerialists in the San Antonio area to open train with us. Rep your home studio and wear your swag! We very much want to support your aerial training whichever studio you call home,

Do you offer drop in classes or open training?

Yes! All of our classes are offered as drop-ins to better fit your busy schedule!