Cirque Aria Classes

Let’s get you flying you sparkly unicorn! Cirque Aria offers beginner level classes and open training for all levels.

Class Reservations

Drop in classes and open studios can be joined by clicking the Book button below.

Series classes can be booked at the beginning of the month. To join a series in progress call or text 210-371-3739 or send an email to

Mixed Aerials

An excellent class for different levels. We will go over the basics of working with fabric, lyra, or trapeze suspended in the air. You’ll start with safety instructions and foundational techniques, progressing to climbing, poses, and sequences. It’s a dynamic, creative, and physically engaging class suitable for all levels.



Intro to Fabric

Intro to Fabric is a class for folks completely new to aerials who wish to train aerial silks. This class will focus on beginner level skills in the knot and single foot lock skills while building grip and upper body strength.
No experience necessary! Come as you are!

Intro to Aerials

Intro to Aerials is a class for beginner aerialists of all fitness levels and ages. In this course we explore the knot sequence on silks, lyra and sling with beginning level conditioning to build strength and increase flexibility.

All fitness levels welcome! No previous experience required.

Mixed Aerials

Sundays 12:30pm






Intro to Fabric

Sundays 4pm-5pm

With Windi



Intro to Aerials

Mondays 7:30-8:30pm

With Dessany

Silver Stars Youth Aerials 5+

Our Silver Stars Youth Aerial Program is perfect for your students ages 5+ years old who are interested in exploring the world of circus and aerial arts. Students will practice on the most popular aerial apparatuses: silks, hammock, and hoop (lyra).

Students will learn aerial safety, proper muscle engagement, and grow their self esteem and confidence. This course is designed to help build strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance necessary to work towards any circus skill!
Sundays (5+) 1:45pm

with Windi

Gold Stars Youth Aerials 7+

Our Gold Stars Youth Aerial Program is for your students ages 7+ years old who have completed our SSAY Program or have experience at another studio.
Students will learn more intermediate drops on the sling and will be introduced to rolls on the Lyra, and safely demonstrating top bar poses.
Wednesdays 5:15pm

with Dessany

Diamond Youth Aerials 10+

Our Diamond Youth Aerial is for your students ages 10+ who have mastered the skills in our previous programs or have equivalent experience elsewhere.
Students will begin to move from the aerial Sling to working on the two-tailed fabric we also call “Silks”. On Lyra students will learn more intermediate poses and safely demonstrate shapes in the span set.
Mondays 6:30pm

with Dessany

Homeschool Classes

Looking to add fine arts and physical activity to your homeschool curriculum? Our Aerial classes combine both to give students a well-rounded education and get them moving! We offer early afternoon classes to fit your homeschooling schedule—perfect for homeschool co-ops and groups!

Our classes are beginner-friendly with a curriculum that builds upon each month. Students will learn aerial safety, aerial arts foundations, and circus fundamentals like handstands and performance arts.

Check out our schedule to see if there is a class that works for you or your group. If not, message us to inquire about adding private group classes. We would love to help you round out your curriculum with an Aerial class!

Also we host a FREE Aerial Field Trip for home schoolers every 3rd Tuesday!

Fridays 1pm

with Dessany

Lyra Conditioning

Its all in the Name! If you want to up your Lyra training and progress faster in your aerial classes? In this class we will focus on upper body and core excercises as well as stretching drills to target muscles needed for Lyra and Aerial work progression.
Saturdays 11:15am

with Daniela

Fabric 1/2

Fabric 1/2 will focus on beginner-level curriculum including single and double leg lock, beginning climbs, and thigh hitch sequences while working towards beginner-level drops and improving strength flexibility.
Pre-requisites: Previous aerial experience or completion of Intro to Aerials.
Saturdays 12:30pm

with Daniela

Dynamic Fabric & Rope

This class is designed for students who have been experienced with either fabric or rope. This will focus on intermediate level curriculum including single and double leg lock sequences, drops in different planes, working towards power on fabric and improving strength flexibility.
Pre-requisites: 2 years with Fabric or Rope experience
Wednesdays  6:30pm-7:55pm
With Jamiza

Fabric 3/4

Students in Fabric 5/6 have been training in silks for many years. This course focuses on drops that change direction and longer sequences with a focus on increasing strength, stamina, and flexibility.

Fridays  6:30pm-7:30pm
With Windi

CirqueFit Pilates

Mat Pilates class tailored to fit all your aerial needs!

We work on Splits Strengthening, Upper-Body Strength, Upper-Back Mobility, and total core strengthening and endurance

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi, pilates enthusiast, or new to aerial fitness, our class is designed to challenge and inspire you at any level.

Thursdays 12pm
With Dessany

 Lyra 1

 In this session, we will be focusing only on the lyra apparatus, but conditioning will take place on and off the lyra. Concepts we will cover will include inversion training, strength conditioning, flexibility cultivation, and general body awareness. Completion of Intro to Aerials is required or previous Lyra experience.
Call us at 210-371-3739 or email us at
Saturdays  10am

with Tamara

Lyra 2

Lyra 2 is for students who have experience with poses and variations of Man on the Moon, Cresent Moon, Wine Glass, Lion, Gazelle, Front Balance, top bar knee hangs, and comforable with two different mounts. In this Lyra level 2 students will use their knowledge acquired from previous classes and build endurance.

Guided by our experienced instructors, you will learn fundamental poses, transitions, and spins on the hoop, building strength, flexibility, and body awareness.

Call us at 210-371-3739 or email us at

Mondays 7:30pm

with Daniela

Lyra 3/4

Lyra level 3/4  is a mixed intermediate-level class. This course will cover beats, above the bar work and challenging sequences to increase strength endurance and flexibility.
Pre-requisites: Comfortable inversions straddle and side mount. Clean execution of level 1/2 skills: Amazon, Man in the Moon sequence > birdie roll, Straddle Back and unassisted knee hangs.
Call us at 210-371-3739 or email us at
Thursdays 7:30pm

with Daniella

Aerial Sling 1

Explore the beautiful and versatile aerial sling in this introductory and beginner-level class with Coach Dessany! Aerial sling combines elements of silks, trapeze, and lyra in one approachable apparatus.
Ideal for beginners looking to build strength and musicality.
No experience required just come as you are!
Wednesdays 8pm

with Dessany

Pilates & Handstands

You heard right! Mat pilates and handstands all in one <3 Half fun strengthening your balance and building your core. Dive into the world of pilates for the first half of class and then take the principals from the mat upside down. 

No previous requirements. Come as you are!!

Wednesdays 9am

with Dessany

Ground Arts

Want some cool party tricks? To up your floor game? Or just increase total body awareness and balance?? Then get ready for Grounds Arts with Windi. This class will cover progressions for every level. Learn how to safely ride a unicycle, increase your focus juggling, or fix your two left feet on the dance floor!

No previous requirements. Come as you are!!

Sundays 11am

with Windi