Donate to Cirque Aria

Want to give us some sugar to get us started?? Donate here. Cirque Aria is currently funded entirely on my teaching salary so adding equipment will occur over a period of time. If you feel moved toss some coin to your aerialist here and head over to our Gofundme to help us along. Got a special request? Something you want to see? Let us know! 100% of donated funds will go towards the adding of equipment to our little aerial home <3

Equipment wishlist

Moar Mats

Now..I’m not exactly saying that we will fall on our face, I’m just saying we need to plan for the possibility that face falling might possibly occur and in the event it does we want something nice and squishy for said face to crash into. Enter 8″ crash mats which cost an ungodly amount and my cats are kind of tired of working the pole. Working towards 8×8 coverage per point.

Moar Hardware

We currently have enough equipment for four points but it would help to put a faster turn around and inspection to have a second set. 🙂

Extra Fabric & Slings

I too would like to idly stretch on a beautiful silk on a sandy beach but alas we’re land locked and the only water I can promise you is if we flood (bad) BUT we are planning to add sling apparatus and extra silk colors.

Hard Apparatus

Personally am not a fan of hard apparatus but I hear many fine people are. (You’re wrong btw but whatever to each his own I guess?) Having said that we do want to support our hard apparatus peeps so additional lyras and trapezes are on the shopping list.

Make it rain (dollars) on Cirque Aria!