Cirque Aria Classes

Let’s get you flying you sparkly unicorn! Cirque Aria offers beginner level classes and open training for all levels.

Have questions about classes? Contact us at (210) 371-3739 or

Intro to Aerials

Intro to Aerials is a class for beginner aerialists of all fitness levels and ages. In this course we explore the knot sequence on silks, lyra and sling with beginning level conditioning to build strength and increase flexibility.

All fitness levels welcome! No previous experience required.

Sundays 12:30-1:30pm

With Dessany

*Intro to Fabric

Sundays 4pm-5pm

With Dessany


Parent & Child (5-10 years)

Get in on the fun with our Mommy & Me Kids Aerials Class! We’ve had so many mom and kid duos come to our studio that we’ve put together a class just for you! After all the family that flies together stays together! This class is for complete beginners and includes instruction for both a parent and their kiddo to learn aerials! Bond with your child while building self esteem, confidence and strength!

Tuesdays at 4:30pm With Dessany 


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Kids Aerials (6-10+ years)

Our Kid’s Aerial are perfect for your students ages 7-10 years old who are interested in exploring the world of circus and aerial arts. Students will practice on the most popular aerial apparatuses: silks, hammock, hoop (lyra), and trapeze.
Students will learn aerial safety, proper muscle engagement, and grow their self esteem and confidence. This course is designed to help build strength, flexibility, coordination, and balance necessary to work towards any circus skill!

 -Mondays (6-10 yrs)

5:15pm with Dessany


-Mondays (10+yrs)

6:30pm with Dessany


 -Wednesdays (6-10 yrs)

5:15pm with Dessany


 -Sundays (5-10 yrs)

1:40pm with Dessany


Parent & Child (18 months – 3 years)

Enhance the bond with your little one in our unique class based on the foundations of circus and safety. Mommy & Me 18 months +  will help your little one meet the proper developmental milestones and strengthen locomotor skills such as walking, running, jumping, hopping, crawling, marching, climbing, galloping, sliding, leaping, hopping, and skipping.

Fridays at 10:45am with Arthur


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Adult Beginner Dance

Our adult beginner dance class is a welcoming and supportive environment for adults who are new to dancing or returning after a long break. The class typically focuses on learning the fundamentals of various dance styles, including ballet, jazz, modern, and lyrical dance through a combination of basic technique, rhythm exercises, and choreography. The emphasis is on building confidence, improving coordination, and having fun while exploring the joy of dance!

No prior dance experience is necessary, and students are encouraged to move at their own pace and enjoy the process of learning.

Thursdays @7:30pm  with Arthur

*Staring December 2024*

Conditioning & Flexibility 

Want to up your aerial training and progress faster in your aerial classes? Then Conditioning & Flexibility is for you!! In this class we will focus on upper body and core excercises as well as stretching drills to target muscles needed for aerial work progression.

Tuesdays 7:30pm

with Dessany


Fabric 1

Fabric Level 1 will focus on beginner  level curriculum including single and double leg lock, beginning climbs and thigh hitch sequences while working towards beginner level drops and improving strength flexibility.
Pre-requisites: Previous aerial experience or completion of Intro to Aerials.

Saturdays 12:30pm

with Daniela 


Fabric 2

Fabric Level 2 will focus on intermediate level curriculum including single and double leg lock, climbs and thigh hitch sequences while working towards beginner level drops and improving strength flexibility.
Pre-requisites: Climbs, and in air double leg locks

Please Email us to be waitlisted.


Fabric 3 

Students in Fabric 3 have been training in silks for many years. This course focuses on drops that change direction and longer sequences with a focus on increasing strength, stamina and flexibility.

Wednesdays  6pm-7:15pm
With Josh


Flow Fusion

Experience the perfect fusion of yoga, pilates, and aerial fitness in one exhilarating session.  Our skilled instructors will guide you through a seamless combination of aerial apparatuses, yoga poses, and pilates exercises, creating a unique and empowering experience!

Whether you’re a seasoned yogi, pilates enthusiast, or new to aerial fitness, Flow Fusion is designed to challenge and inspire you at any level.


Thursdays 12pm
With Dessany


Mixed Horizontal Apparatus

Orbital pole, trapeze, cube and lyra oh my! 😍😱 Our Mixed Bar class with Arthur gives students the opportunity to explore multiple bar apparatuses and will cover material  pmn lyra, trapeze, mobius, orbital pole and hammock while working towards inversions and no hand knee hangs. 


Previous experience on aerial apparatus required. Please call us at 2103713739 or email us at for any questions

Thursdays at 6:30 & Fridays at 1:30pm with Arthur


Lyra Lv 1

This is an intro class for anyone who has not played on a lyra before or may be looking to build up their foundational toolbelt. In this session, we will be focusing only on the lyra apparatus, but conditioning will take place on and off the lyra. Concepts we will cover will include inversion training, strength conditioning, flexibility cultivation, and general body awareness. No previous experience required. All fitness levels welcome!

Mondays 7:30pm

With Daniela


Lyra 1.5

Lyra level 1.5 is for students who have completed at least one series of Intro to Lyra or (3) series of Intro to Aerials. In this Lyra level 1.5 students will use their knowledge acquired from previous classes and build endurance.

Guided by our experienced instructors, you will learn fundamental poses, transitions, and spins on the hoop, building strength, flexibility, and body awareness.

Saturdays at 10am with Tamara


Lyra Lv 2

Lyra level 2 is an intermediate level class. This course will cover beginner level beats, above the bar work and challenging sequences to increase strength endurance and flexibility. 
Pre-requisites: Comfortable inversions straddle and side mount. Clean execution of level 1 skills: Mermaid, Birdie, Man in the Moon, Straddle Back and unassisted knee hangs.

Saturdays at 11am with Daniella


Intro To Aerial Sling

Explore the beautiful and versatile aerial sling in this introductory class with Coach Dessany! Aerial sling combines elements of silks, trapeze, and lyra in one approachable apparatus. 
Ideal for beginners looking to build strength and musicality.
No experience required just come as you are!

Wednesdays 7:30pm with Dessany


Aerial Sling Lv 2

Aerial sling is a wonderful vertical apparatus for complete beginners and advanced aerialists alike! Aerial sling combines the spinning beauty and shapes of bar apparatuses like lyra and trapeze with shapes and drop sequences seen in silks. In this 4 week series course we will explore open and closed hammock sequences, spinning technique and beginner level drops.

This class is for students with previous experience in Aerial Sling.

Tuesdays at 6:30pm with Gina


Intro to Handstands

Want some cool party tricks? To up your floor game? Or just increase upper body strength?? Then get yet to Intro to Handstands with Arthur. This class will cover progressions for every level. Learn how to safely invert on the floor into balance shapes, no previous requirements. Come as you are!!

Fridays 2:30pm with Arthur

YOUTH Intro to Handstands- Thursdays 5:30pm With Arthur


Sundays 11:15 with Dessany